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    Pelargos is the Greek Word for the stork. In Greece and in so many different cultures around the world, the stork can be seen flying over rooftops, carrying a little cloth bundle, before landing on the doorstep of a happy couple, who then unwrap their precious smiling little baby. This is a common story to tell children around the world who ask ‘where do babies come from?’

    We are created to help you make the right decisions. To stand by you, 24/7, from the beginning of this battle, till the birth of your child and the fulfillment of your dream. We help you make the right decisions, so that you do not spend money unreasonably. We support you with a group of different specialties medics and paramedics, throughout the journey. We make sure, either living in Greece or trust us from abroad, that you have complete peace of mind for anything you might need during your stay in Athens, having people to organize and arrange all for you, in order to be completely dedicated to your goal.

    Pelargos IVF , is a unique medical group of specialists, that provides Greek and overseas women, with top quality medical services at the best Hospitals and Fertility Centers in Greece. Specializes in subfertility and mainly in the egg donation and surrogacy field, offering thorough online or face-to-face-consultation, as well as IVF/ICSI/IMSI, PGS/PGD treatments, at cooperating state of the art embryological laboratories of our choice. Takes over finding and matching of a suitable donor, through our collaborating IVF Centers. Offers through its legal team, consultation and assistance, for surrogacy cases, If desired. Αlso, offers advanced gynecological minimal access surgery, low or high-risk pregnancy monitoring, normal deliveries or caesarian sections, at the best, safest and most luxurious, private Maternity Hospitals in Athens.

    Lead Consultant Mr.Karpouzis, is a fully trained in the U.K and well known in Athens obstetrician and gynecologist, specialized in assisted conception and minimal access surgery, MRCOG and BFS (British Fertility Society) accredited, with long experience in the fields.

    A group of co-working partners, constitutes the Pelargos team, which aims to provide tailor made, all inclusive, no hidden costs, low or high end personalised one to one services, to women who seek IVF, egg donation, surrogacy or gynecological /obstetrics private treatments in Greece.

    A hematologist, an endocrinologist, a urologist, an aesthetic dermatologist, a psychologist and a yoga and shiatsu practitioner, all of them based in Athens along with a clinical dietician based in London, are valuable members of our team.

    Well known gynecologists and fertility specialists in the U.K, Belgium, Switzerland, Qatar and U.A.E, a dedicated legal team familiar with egg donation and surrogacy legislation, interpreters on demand and our concierge/estate broker, complete the team. A both private and NHS GP in London, who can prescribe for you drugs and refer you for tests and a blood clinic, where you can have your initial blood tests or even sperm analysis , cooperate with us.

    Our medical and paramedical staff is chosen to be academically renowned, highly experienced and western trained. We work together, offering online or face to face consultations and innovative treatments in Greece in order to achieve top success rates in IVF and egg donation cycles, to safeguard patient’s care and to offer holistic care to every woman or couple visiting Athens for treatment, starting with an initial consultation and organizing apart from the medical treatment itself, the accommodation of the couple in Athens up to its last detail, accordingly to their wishes and budget.

    Our team consists of:

    Harry Karpouzis – Scientific Director Pelargos IVF /Obs & Gyn Consultant /Fertility Specialis
    Filip Koidis – Nutritionist based in London
    Ioannis Komninos – Endocrinologist
    Vasilis Chatziantoniou – Haematologist
    Panos Roubesis – Urologist
    Kelly Kontou – Psycologist
    Fotini Bageorgou – Aesthetic Dermatologist, Specialised in aesthetic Gynecology
    Angelika Thiele – Yoga and Shiatsu Practitioner

    Dealing successfully with difficult cases where others have failed before, is our habit and our patient’s full satisfaction is our greatest goal.

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