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This section contains some of the Frequently Asked Questions from our clients when looking for surgery abroad. It is carefully designed to provide useful information, but cannot be regarded as a guide to any medical case. Please bear in mind that the questions below are the most common. In case you have further question, you can contact us directly at Prior to any decision for your medical travel in Greece, you are strongly recommended to consult Vitabroad’s doctors for specific information regarding your medical case.

Find your doctor in Greece

How can I find the best doctor for me?

How can I book an online consultation with a Vitabroad doctor?


What does Vitabroad offer?

Where is Vitabroad located?

How much do Vitabroad services cost?

What is your company’s registration number?

Why should I use Vitabroad for booking my medical trip?

What is the difference between Vitabroad and other medical tourism companies?

What kind of guarantee do you provide?

Treatments in Greece

Who is going to pick me up from the airport?

Can you provide detailed profiles of the Vitabroad’s surgeons?

Do doctors and medical staff speak English?

What is the followed process after I book the trip?

Will I have a companion?

What does my package include? Are there any limitations?

What is the payment plan?

What happens in case of flight cancellation?

What information can you provide regarding the surgeon’s success rates?

What national or international accreditations do the clinics/hospitals hold?

Will I receive a report on the surgery in the appropriate language?

Medical Tourism in Greece

What is medical tourism?

What is a medical tourism facilitator?

Is medical tourism safe?

Will it be safe to travel after my operation?

I have never been to Greece! How will i move in the city?

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