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Initial consultation with brief evaluation report
Prior to your initial consultation it would help to fill out our screening form that will also help us to discuss your situation and problems in a more structured manner. Try to be as thorough and honest as you can on this form so we can best meet your needs later on. You may complete the initial screening form here:
Offered on a pro bono basis (free) in order to evaluate suitability and level of need.
Diagnostic Evaluation programme
Our mental health practice provides specialist diagnostic care for a range of mental health disorder. We believe that a correct diagnosis is the first and single most important step towards effective treatment. Our diagnostic programmes is a psychoeducational intervention for people who face difficulties with their mental health. The aim of the programme is to offer the best possible clinical assessment of each person’s present state, diagnostic status and evaluation of current clinical needs. It provides a uniquely thorough and comprehensive evaluation of all diagnostic issues along with psychoeducation regarding its findings. Our diagnostic programme was developed by Dr Yanni Malliaris at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s London during his PhD research. For further information please see here:
Specialist Psychotherapy Programme
Our mental health practice provides specialist Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). CBT is a therapeutic intervention for people who have difficulties with their emotional health. The CBT model focuses on the role of thinking and behaviour in our emotional health. It represents the best evidence-based psychotherapy in the field of affective disorders (Bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety disorders etc). The aim of the therapy is to alleviate depressive, hypomanic and anxiety episodes and to prevent new episodes/crises from ever recurring. Dr Yanni Malliaris has worked and trained with the father of CBT for Bipolar disorder (Professor Dominic Lam) at the University of London, and has trained in Behavior therapy with Professor Ivar Lovaas at UCLA. Other important and notable Professors that has worked and trained with in the field of CBT therapy include Professor Chris Brewin (Depression, PTSD) and Professor Kevin Power (Anxiety disorders). Currently, Dr Malliaris develops his own CBT therapy interventions for Bipolar disorder and depression. Our CBT programme adapts to the individual needs of each patient. For those who know some of the CBT models we frequently use include Lam’s and Beck CBT models (for Bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety disorders), Miklowitz’s Family Focused Therapy model (for Bipolar disorder), Watkin’s Rumination-Focused CBT model (for depression), Martell’s Behavioral Activation model (for depression), Linehan’s Dialectical Behaviour Model (DBT, for personality disorders), and Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP). For further information see:
Specialist Psychopharmacology Programme
Our mental health practice provides specialist pharmacological treatments for a range of mental health issues. Our core philosophy sees psychotropic pharmacotherapy as an additional form of treatment in some mental health disorders but never as the only form of treatment. We practice within the model of evidence-based integrative practice, where medication treatments when offered are always combined with evidence-based psychotherapy treatments.
Specialist Day Care Day @ Dimiourgia
“Dimiourgia” is the first specialist home treatment day programme for people who face difficulties with their emotional health in Greece. We care for 1 patient at a time. It is a place of hospitality that promotes the emotional health and balance of our fellow friends. “Dimiourgia” (“Δημιουργία”) in Greek means “Creation”. We work to enable our patients to become the creative architects of their lost well-being. “Dimiourgia” provides specialist mental health care and treatment to patients who experience difficulties with their emotional health (bipolar disorder – manic depressive illness, depression, borderline personality disorder, schizo- affective disorder, eating disorders). We provide specialist individual day care to our patients for as long as they need until we ensure that their emotional health is restored. We provide a full program of creative activities aimed at improving the well-being and functional capacity of our patients. We provide specialist individual support and care tailored at the specific needs of each one of our patients.
Residential home treatment
Hospital care

Diplomas & Memberships

  • Doctoral Research Degree in Clinical Psychology (PhD) (Institute Of Psychiatry, King’s College London)
  • BSc Hons Psychology (1st class)(University Of Stirling, Scotland)
  • BSc Hons Psychology (3rd Year of studies and undergraduate clinical training), (University of California, Los Angeles UCLA)
  • Behavior Therapist Trainee (Lovaas Institute of Early Intervention, UCLA)
  • English
  • Greek

Medical Office

The team consists of
  • 4 Clinical Psychologists (PhD Level)
  • 2 Psychiatrists
  • 1 Dietician (MSc Level)
  • 2 Administrative staff
  • 1 cook
  • 1 driver
  • 10 activity facilitators
  • 3 psychology interns
  • 2 offices (Athens / Rafina)
  • 1 day care clinic (Rafina)
  • 2 private psychiatric inpatient clinics - Associates (Glyfada - Kifissia)
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