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2 years ago Blog

Vitabroad | Health Tourism in Greece strengthens its shareholding composition and growth prospects

Vitabroad I Health Tourism in Greece announces the entry of George Kotsalos as strategic partner into the company’s shareholding structure.

This development is considered to be particularly important for Vitabroad, as the new shareholder is expected to offer value-added ideas and initiatives to the sector in which the company operates. Mr. Kotsalos, a 12 year CEO of Interamerican, brings both experience with health related innovation activities for the Greek insurance market as well as the advanced know-how of Achmea, Interamerican’s parent company and Europe’s leader in health insurance. The addition of Mr. Kotsalos will boost the momentum of Vitabroad in our country’s promising medical tourism sector.

Vitabroad operates exclusively in medical tourism, providing services to international patients traveling to Greece for medical reasons. Establisted in Q4 2014 by Katerina Exakoustidou and Akis Pantazis, Vitabroad took its first steps with the full support of Orange Grove, an initiative of the Dutch Embassy to promote new businesses, thus becoming one of the most mature and advanced startups of the incubator. Vitabroad, which welcomed its first customers in the first half of 2015, mainly serves patients for cosmetic surgery, dental, in-vitro fertilization, ophthalmology and mental health. With its wide network of highly qualified healthcare providers and partnerships with respected vendors in the tourism sector), Vitabroad has been developing and successfully implementing an ambitious plan to attract international patients, focusing on the quality of health services and the relative needs of its clients.

As Greece is a new destination in the global medical tourism industry, offering combined tourism and health services packages through a facilitator is vital to the stability and growth of the industry. Vitabroad aims to highlight and recognize Greece as one of the world’s top medical destinations, exploiting the competitive advantages of the country, thereby contributing to the recovery of the Greek economy.

The cooperation between Vitabroad and George Kotsalos exemplifies the complimentary relationship of innovation and prestige in the health sector and aims to offer the choice of Greece to as many international patients as possible as a safe, quality solution.

2 years ago Blog

Vitabroad @ eHealth Forum festival

2 years ago Blog

Vitabroad speaking @ the IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2016

We are happy to announce that VitAbroad participated in the IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2016 which took place from May 24 – 26 in Madrid, Spain. The VitAbroad team is grateful for being part of this professional and outstanding event. On the second day of the conference, Ms. Katerina Exakoustidou, co-founder of VitAbroad, presented “The Role of the Facilitator in Developing the Medical Tourism Industry in a New Destination.”

Vitabroad speaking @ the IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2016 Vitabroad speaking @ the IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2016

“Greece has a great potential to become a top medical tourism destination. Being a part of such a professional conference makes us proud and honoured. IMTJ Medical Travel Summit gave us a platform in which to share our voice in the medical tourism market, a huge step not only for VitAbroad, but also for our country”, Ms. Exakoustidou said.

2 years ago Blog

Vitabroad speaking @ the 2nd International Health Tourism Convention

We are happy to announce that the co-founder of VitAbroad, Ms. Katerina Exakoustidou, will speak from the medical tourism facilitator’s perspective at the 2nd International Health Tourism Convention, which will take place 16-17 April 2016 at the Metropolitan Expo in Athens, Greece.

If you are around Athens, then do not miss the speech of VitAbroad on Sunday, 17 April between 11:15-11:30. Ms. Exakoustidou will present “The Contemporary Role of Medical Tourism Facilitation”.

It will be an effective Convention for Investment – Development – Promotion in the context of Destinations, Providers and Services.

2 years ago Blog

Vitabroad was awarded with the 1st prize at the Squeeze competition organized by the Dutch Embassy in Greece

We are delighted to announce that Vitabroad was the winner of the Squeeze #5 competition hosted at Orange Grove on Thursday 10th December 2015. We presented our idea to a respectful judging committee consisting of Peter Economides (Brand Strategist), Zooullis Mina (Chairman and Managing Director of Athenian Brewery), George Korres (Chairman of the board of Korres Natural Products), Jeremy Downward (CIO at Alpheus Advisors) and Marc Wesselink (Serial Entrepreneur and Selection Partner at Startup Bootcamp).

Akis Pantazis, co-founder of the firm, announced: “It is truly gratifying to have our hard work rewarded. Winning this prize gives us the confidence to continue our quest to make Greece one of the top medical tourism destinations.”

2 years ago Blog

Top 8 Reasons To Choose Greece As Your Medical Tourism Destination

Greece is a unique tourist destination full of magic and excitement. Its astonishing beauty, friendly people and breathtaking landscapes combined with the Greek civilization and culture are just a few reasons tourists flock to Greece and enjoy a memorable experience.

But, what would you think of traveling to Greece for medical reasons? Would you consider traveling for plastic surgery, In Vitro Fertilization, knee or hip replacement, heart surgery or dialysis treatment? What if you knew that Greece offers cost effective, safe, professional and quick medical solutions?

1. Safety
Greece is a safe and friendly country for tourists of all kinds. And when it comes to health, Greeks, motivated by Hippocrates (the father of Western medicine), place a great importance on well-being. Greek health professionals are experienced, maintain high quality healthcare standards and possess the famous Grecian friendliness.

2. Surgeons’ Expertise & Professionalism
Greek surgeons are highly educated and extremely professional. Most have studied and worked in the USA and/or UK for a respectable time period and are European or American board certified. They participate in many international and local conferences annually in order to be updated on the latest medical news and methods. They have colleagues in many countries abroad, ensuring a seamless transition to your follow-up back home.

3. Cost savings
Greece offers affordable treatments performed by well-trained experts using state of the art technology. Depending upon the procedure and your home country, you should expect to save at least 30%, not only after paying the doctor and hospital fees, but also your travel tickets, accommodation and vacation for yourself and your companion!

4. High success rates
In Vitro Fertilization is an ideal example of how Greece excels in specific treatments in terms of success rates. The innovative methods, state of the art equipment, and qualified and professional staff make Greece a highly rated country for treatments such as egg donation.

5. Available on time
Public healthcare may result in long delays and waiting lists, while private insurance does not always cover each condition and treatment. For example: aesthetic surgeries; dental treatments; reproduction; eye surgeries; non-urgent heart and orthopedic surgeries are excluded from insurance plans, thus you must either wait for public healthcare or pay out of pocket. Greece offers any kind of treatment whenever you need it, safely and timely.

6. Hospitality
Greece is world renowned for its friendly, welcoming, happy residents. A medical tourist will not only enjoy Greece’s beautiful weather and scenery, but also a psychologically positive recovery in Greece. And if you think that language could be a barrier, don’t worry! Most Greeks speak English, and those who do not will find a way to communicate and make you feel as comfortable as if you were at your own home.

7. Healing Climate
Sea, sun, sand, the golden trinity that will transform your treatment into a relaxing and memorable experience. The human body needs sun and a positive environment in order to recover from any kind of treatment. Medical tourists receive utmost care in a relaxing and exquisite environment. Does it get any better!

8. Lifetime experience
Although traveling abroad for medical reasons is a hard decision, it does not mean that it has to be a painful experience that you will want to quickly forget. Your medical procedure can be a positive, memorable experience with your caring Health Tourism Specialist overseeing your entire treatment and trip, from your highly qualified doctor, quality hospital and upscale hotel, to your caring and attentive personal driver. Every detail will be attended to in order to ensure that you feel relaxed and cared for from the moment you first contact your Vitabroad Specialist.

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